keskiviikko 12. helmikuuta 2014

Self rescue clamps for paddle float rescue

Kajak-Sport created few years ago a new accessory to help and secure paddle float rescuing. There is always a risk involved when you paddle alone. Quite many of the systems shown in the market are unhandy in reality not to mention rough or cold circumstances. Our self rescue clamps where selected in group of five most innovative kayaking products at Paddle Expo 2012. Since then quite many os serious solo kayakers and producer have found them as interesting component for various type of kayaks. Here is a good demonstration video by Mirage Sea Kayaks who used clamps at their new fishing kayak.


Further details from the selfrescue clamps, read more

Here is a few link to see what they look like when fitted as a standard.
Skim Beaufort
Miks Artisan 5G
Aquarius Sea emotion 

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